Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Year in Review

1. Checked off spending New Year's Eve in Times Square
2. Welcomed a new great niece, Emma, and new nephew, Alex, into family
3. Visited Boston with the hubs and attended a Red Sox game
4. Celebrated an incredible one year anniversary with my Be Fri (ya know, if we had friendship necklaces, I would totally have Be Fri over st ends)
5. We bought a new house that we LOVE
6. Checked another one off the bucket list - attended CMA Awards
7. Met some awesome new friends and established date night where we gather AT LEAST once a month
8. Attended the Moon Pie Festival for the first time
9. Won the Amazing Race, Watercolor style
10. Went on the first weekend vacation with the family
11. Enjoyed reading on my Kindle
12. Mark and I both received promotions at work
13. Continuing to celebrate my grandmother overcoming breast cancer