Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vegas Baby!

We got back from Florida on Sunday afternoon then I headed to the airport early Monday morning headed to Las Vegas. We had a customer meeting there and did some amazing events. The first day they did the helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, which I heard was amazing.

Monday night we had the opportunity to see a show. We ended up seeing Cirque du Soliel The Beatles Love. I recommend it, it was great and I'm not a HUGE Beatles fan.

Tuesday night we went to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and drove exotic cars. It was such a fun experience. First, with our partner we each had to drive this mini-coup around this cone track, switch drivers and be buckled up in the least amount of time. We couldn't hit or knock over any cones without points being deducted. Me and Gene did it in 1 min. 14 sec. We were in the lead for the most part but were then bypassed some super fast teams. I think overall we came in maybe 6th out of 25 teams. So not so bad.
Then we had the chance to drive either an Audi, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or Ferrari. I drove the bright orange Lamborghini. It was AWESOME! I wasn't sure of shifting gears so I asked my trainer, Tim, to change it to automatic. Well he told me automatic was for a getting groceries and I left the groceries at home. Ok, fine, guess that settles that. I was a bit nervous because I wasn't familiar with the track and it was really dark. Tim told me exactly what to do and when to do it. The gears were on the steering wheel so it wasn't hard at all. I had the best time and Tim was the best trainer! I'm not sure how fast we went but I burnt some rubber.

Getting ready to drive with our hair nets on.

Here I go!

I survived with Trainer Tim!

I was also awarded BEST FEMALE DRIVER! Yes, I was awesome!

Very Wisteria

As I mentioned before Mark was awarded a trip to Watercolor, FL this year. We went a couple of weeks ago and it was very Wisteria. I honestly thought I was on the set of Desperate Housewives. The place just looked fake. The place is located between Panama City and Destin, near Seaside. It is just the cutest little community. We had bikes all week that we would ride into Seaside to eat and shop, we rented a kayak, sat poolside and just enjoyed the relaxation and sound of the ocean. I highly recommend this place to everyone. The houses are beautiful and there is just so much to do.

We made the drive down in about 7 hours which was not bad at all. Onsite they also had a BMW representative and we could rent a car for 2-4 hours at a time each day. So we took advantage of that by just driving around in the convertable one morning then we drove another car to PC Beach for dinner. It was fun to have a convertable, the weather was perfect!

There were also some organized events during our stay. We had signed up to participate in the Amazing Race. Mark and I love the show and I have actually looked at the application process, I believe we could win the real deal! So I had to beg Mark to participate. I told him this could be our dress rehearsal for the TV show. So I was pumped and I had my game face on. We had to ride our bikes all over the property to find clues and make our way back to the hotel lobby. I was excited and was determined to win. And we did!! We completed the race in 26 minutes when the counselor said it would take over an hour. What a team we make! We won a Kindle reading device and were so excited. Sometimes I'm too competitive for my own good.

The other event we participated in was the Gilligan's Island challenge. We had to build a raft our of cardboard and duct tape. Then we had to get it across the length of the pool with someone in it. We weren't really sure about our design but by golly we ended up winning this task too. We by no means had the best boat but we did get across the fastest. This time we won (2) $100 Southwest Gift Cards! WOOT! Again, what a great husband/wife team.

Mule Day 2010

Since Mark is from Columbia we are VERY familiar with the famous annual Mule Day celebration. Well, like me, my family loves a festival so mom and dad decided to come up for the event. We saw mules, mules, buggies, mules and more mules. The parade was very long but I think dad enjoyed it the most. We also went to the park where they have the Mule Pulls and vendors selling crafts. They of course had all the carnival food too. The fried corn was de-licious! The twisted fries and chocolate dipped cheesecake weren't so bad either. :) We then went to Mark's parent's house and played corn hole the entire afternoon and we had another great meal too. It was so nice to have everyone together (with the exception of Bradley, Casey and Drew). It had been since the wedding that the families had seen each other. We had a great time and now mom and dad can say they have been to Mule Day.

Ready for the parade

Grand Marshall, Naomi Judd

Columbia - the home of Sun Drop

Welcome to Columbia

These are the hates everyone was wearing - real nice.

Drew turns 2

We had the best time with Drew celebrating his birthday. He is just talking up a storm and calls me Tate. It IS the cutest thing. He has been blaming me for things too. Everytime Casey would ask who did something wrong he would say Tate (and I'm not even there) - that little stinker! He also pretends to play hide-and-seek with me. I just love to hear the stories from Casey. Gosh, we need to live closer! We celebrated Drew's second birthday with the family at their house. He got lots of fun toys - he is going to be so busy this summer.

Elmo by Casey - she is just so talented!

It was dad's birthday too. The birthday boys! (and Drew has to say "cheese" for every picture)
Drew got a leaf blower and a lawn mower - he's going to busy with the yardwork.
He also got a new playset for outside.
We got him this sand and water table. He is all set to play outside this summer.