Sunday, November 24, 2013

Colorado 2012

Back in December I had to do a site visit for an upcoming spring meeting and poor, me the location was Aspen, CO. We've been discussing this since about September but since fall is our busiest season I just couldn't get away to do a site visit until mid-December. Well, Mark has been hooked on snowboarding so do you think he'd let me go at this alone? I think not. We planned it so we'd have a couple of play time too. We arrived at The St. Regis Aspen and were whisked away to our suite!

They had just gotten dumped on, about 15 inches, the night before so it was fresh snow and the city was covered. It was beautiful!

The property is GOR-GEOUS! I met with my hotel contact that afternoon and had a nice dinner at the Chef's Club by FOOD & WINE.  The next morning we were able to go skiing/snowboarding at Snowmass. If you remember, the first time I skied I broke my leg, the first time snowboarding I broke my tailbone, this my friends was my first time back on the slopes. I decided to go for skis again this time. It worked. I actually felt like I knew what I was doing. It was a success people, NO BROKEN BONES!

That afternoon I tagged along with the contact from the destination management company. She took me around the quaint little city looking at several dining and private event options.

The destination was beautiful and I knew it would be a real treat for our guests. We finished our stay in Aspen with a photo shoot. Then we had a nice drive to Vail to visit Mark's college buddy.

We arrived in Vail in time to each lunch with Mark's friend and visit for a while. We arrived at our hotel late in the afternoon so just decided to check out the area and get fitted for our skis/board so we'd be ready to go the next day.

Ready for second day on the slopes - again successful! We did more than a 1/2 day at Beaver Creek and I was so ready to get down that mountain. Mark went on ahead and poor JC decided to get m down. Well we realized there were several bunny slopes closed due to lack of snow so that made our trek much more difficult. After getting down parts of the mountain and building up my courage again we finally made it down, just in time for fresh, warm cookies. We both were completely worn out!


Mark's goal for this trip was for me to enjoy it again so I would want to go back more often. I think his plan may have worked. We're already talking about our next ski trip.
This was a great trip to take in mid-December, a time we usually don't travel. It was so pretty to see all the snow and Christmas lights! Can't wait for our next snow-cation!


We are Homeland.

We were off for several days around Christmas and New Year's so we decided to start the TV series, Homeland. Well much like our 24 and Friday Night Lights craze, we finished 2 seasons in about 12 days.

We are so hooked and CANNOT wait for Season 3!

More Christmas Parties

We continued through the holiday season with our company holiday party held at the Wildhorse Saloon. This was the first year my our department at work planned this event and I must say it was outstanding. We had over 700 attendees, gave away lots of prizes, had a photo booth, Santa and line dancing.

The weekend before Christmas we attended the Annual Sonn Tacky Sweater Christmas Party. We had a fun time of Christmas Pictionary and I’m honored to say I held the award for Most Bedazzeled Sweater for the 2nd year in a row!  

Now I can't take all the credit for this one.....I didn't get a chance to get to Goodwill in early December so I borrowed Ashley's sweater from last year, which was obviously a good one!  :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Rogers Annual Christmas Party

Rogers Christmas Party was a usual!!  It's the best time to have all of our closest friends in the same house!

Dirty Santa was a hit too. This lovely necklace and TN snowman were among the best gifts! 

Brian's gift was this pirate ship that he and Laila had put it together.
I think a little daddy/daughter time was the best gift to come in that little red bag!

Love these girls! And don't even think about challenging us to Michael Jackson Wii Dance!
I'm just sayin'. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Run, Run, Run

I've been needing a new pair of running shoes and I was very interested in trying out Fleet Feet. Well, they had me at hello. This nice lady, Diane, measured my feet, watching me walk, watched me run and then pulled a few pairs of shoes for me to try. She gave me lots of information I never about my own feet. I could really tell the difference in the shoes she put me in. I even got to take them for a test run outside before buying them. So I walked away with a pair of Asics.

So I ran about 20 miles in them and they started to hurt my feet. I wasn't sure if it was something I needed to get used to or if was in fact the shoe. So I called FF and they told me to bring them in. I did, I had a different guy, Justin I think, measure my foot and watch me walk. He brought out 3 different pairs of shoes for me try. I have been running in Nike's so we started there. Man did they feel good. I could really tell a difference already, now this is what I was used to! I tried the others on, just to be sure. And bingo, I feel in love and brought them home. I haven't ran much in them yet but so far, so good. I was so happy that I could just return them and get exactly what I needed.

This is the new pair!

We ran in the Borodash on Thanksgiving and just did the Bridge to Bridge 4 mile run. We are loving it - well I'm loving it a bit more than Mark. :)


My friend, Laura, her hubby and new baby were planning to move from NYC to LA sometime this fall. Well when I realized I had a conference in Anaheim I was excited, hoping I'd get to extend my stay and spend some time with them. And I got to do just that.

We had a fun weekend just catching up. We did got to Beverly Hills to see a few friends and we made a trip to Hermosa Beach but other that it was pretty low key.

And this place is NOT it's all cracked up to be but now the Pink Taco - DELISH!

And I probably had the best cupcake EVER which was from the Frosted Cupcakery!

Thanks for a great tip, can't wait to visit again soon.

Oh and I did make Harper belly laugh - she loves me. I apologize for the video being sideways, I don't know how to change it.

Snow Bunny

We're preparing for a trip to Aspen in so when I saw these boots at Target I had to get them.

Love them!