Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bell Buckle, TN

For the past few weeks Mark and I have been looking for the perfect spot for our engagement pictures. Our photographer suggested Bell Buckle, TN. So we took the short drive to check it out. We didn't choose this spot for our pictures but we still had fun and it definitely has a lot of character.

They have the cutest shops, a cafe and ice cream parlor!

My man!

Tennessee Sunset

Tuesday night Mark and I went to Cedar Creek Park in Mt. Juliet where his parents have been camping. We had dinner and a very nice lazy night, enjoying the cool fall weather, looking at the lake, listening to the geese and tree frogs and watching the sun set. I was able to capture these gorgeous pictures, I had to share.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Family Weekend

We had such a nice weekend at home watching football (sad that we lost, but we still support our Vols), celebrating Casey's birthday and having fun with Drew. I have been so spoiled to spend time with Drew two weekends in a row, but I have loved every bit of it. Mark didn't get to go, he was stuck in Nashville with NO gas. That's an entirely different story so I will just leave it at that. Anyway, Drew stayed with us on Friday night and I love my 10pm feedings I have with him. He is such a cheeseball and I got to see BOTH of his teeth. But bless his heart, he had a rough day on Saturday, we are sure it was his gums. He would suck on my finger and just press it down on his gums. He loved a wet washcloth in his mouth and he was a little fussy. He just didn't feel good, but boy is he sweet! He is so funny, he just talks, smiles and laughs. The funniest thing was when we put him in his bouncer. He was a little tired when we put him in it but he still entertained us.

The funniest thing is watching his feet, it looks like he is dancing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

V-O-L-S Go Vols Go

It's football time in Tennessee. This past weekend Mark and I took his nephew, David, to his first UT game, Tennessee vs. UAB. We had a great time but it sure was HOT! It did not feel like football weather at all but by golly it is! Friday night we drove down and stayed with mom and dad then headed to Knoxville early Saturday morning. We were all dressed in our orange and ready to cheer on the Vols. Drew stayed with mom and dad Friday night too and we dressed him for the game too. I can't wait to take him to his first game. How fun!

Since we got in late on Friday night I figured I had missed Drew until Saturday morning. But we arrived just in time for me to feed him. I feel like I have not seen him in forever! He is so long! I fed him and we rocked, just had our cuddle time. Then I went to put him back to bed and he looked up at me and gave me THE biggest grin! I just cracked up! So since he was awake, I had to start talking to him. So then he got roused up and we talked for a good 20 - 30 minutes. He is so happy! Well he finally got calmed down and went to sleep. I was so glad I had that time with him. Saturday morning, he woke up and I fed him and he played with Mark and David while I finished getting ready. He is such a happy, talkative and busy baby. He is going ALL the time. I captured this little video while he was playing on my bed. Drew bug I can't wait to see you again this weekend! Love you!

Friday, September 5, 2008

White Cheddar Popcorn and Dark Chocolate Snickers

My new favorite loves..........White Cheddar Popcorn and Dark Chocolate Snickers, not together (but hmmm, that's a thought). Yummy! I just can't enough. The Snickers are a little hard to find, but they are so darn good. Mmmmmm. The white cheddar popcorn reminds me of snack time at Ridge View and I just love it. I can go through a full bag in like two days. At work, I usually eat a late lunch but lately I have been eating earlier so that I can have my popcorn snack in the afternoon before I go home. :) Take the weekend to enjoy your favorite snack........or two.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This weekend my friend, Laura, came home from New York City for some friend time. We had such a great weekend. She got in late Friday night so it took all I had to stay up until 11pm on Friday night to pick her up from the airport. Saturday we had a big day planned a the pool. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was nice and hot but there was also a nice breeze, keeping the heat tolerable. We had planned to go to our friend Katie's apartment but instead we went to Icon in the Gulch. Laura's inlaws have purchased a condo here AND they are trying to sell. Anyone interested?!?!? They just opened and there are still several vacant condos so the pool was just right, not many people there at all. The view is awesome (see below) and the condos are very nice.

Saturday night we went to Arrington Vineyards. Arrington Vineyards was founded in 2005 by Kix Brooks and some other guys. Most every Saturday night they have live music and wine tastings. Again, the weather was still perfect. We took some fruit and cheese and tasted several wines. During our wine tasting down in the cellar we realized Kix Brooks was there. So of course, we wanted to chat, get a picture and his autograph. We accomplished all of that and had the best time. We were very surprised to see him, of course, I guess he has to make his visits unannounced.

We finished off the weekend with dinner at Olive Garden with Mark and she traveled to spend Labor Day with her dad. It was so good to see you, we sure do miss you, Laura! Hope to see you again soon!

Monday night Mark had some guy time watching football with baby Jackson that came to visit. :)