Saturday, January 7, 2012

Photo 19: What I Ate

Somedays I don't care to remember what I ate, other days I dream about what I ate. I do love food and I'm very thankful for my small, skinny genes (and jeans).  About a year ago I downloaded an app, myfitnesspal, to keep track of my exercising. It also tracks your calories and weight. I haven't used it in a while, simply because I haven't been exercising since 2011 was the year of broken bones. But a friend of mine got me back on it. I haven't been exercising but I have been keeping track of my calories. I updated my profile with my weight and that I want to maintain (not really lose or gain) and the silly thing has me eating like a bird at 1400 calories/day. It is just so fascinating to see exactly the numbers in each thing that enters your mouth. Some days I blow it out others I come in right on. If you have the app, look me up, we can be friends.

Photo 18: On the Shelf

As I think most of you know, I love pictures. I love taking them, looking at them and displaying them. Mark got me an awesome digital frame for Christmas. Now this isn't one of those cheap, first edition digital photo frames (which I still have one in the box). They've really come a long way. This one is the Kodak Easy Share P850 Digital Frame. It took me a few days to get it out because I thought it would take a while to get it set up with my pictures, etc. Umm no, it was SO easy. Instead of using a USB or memory card (which you could use) I emailed them to my frame. Whhhaatt? Yes, I emailed the pictures to the frame. I can also pull pictures from my Facebook page, iPhone or Kodak and I could also create and add collages. I love it, thanks honey!

So this frame is "on the shelf" for all my friends to see.

Photo 17: Purchased

Last fall I bought a City Savers Coupon Book from a student selling them for Franklin Road Academy. And let me tell you, this thing has been awesome and has paid for itself many times already. I bought the 2012 edition but then saw on Facebook I could get a copy of the 2011 edition for FREE! So I did. Now that was back in October so I still had 3 months to use all the coupons in this book and they would also accept the ones from the 2012 book. So if we're eating out, I try only to go to places in which we have a coupon, which has actually been working out great . It also has some of our favorite restaurants/retail stores too; Qdoba, Blue Coast Burrito, Dicks Sporting Goods, Off Broadway Shoes, Play It Again Sports, etc.. It's great, the only thing is that it's this big honkin' thick book. But I just leave it the car which seems to work.

Now this is by far not extremem couponing but it's extreme for me - extremely awesome!

Photo 16: Something New

With Christmas just passing I have a few new things but I'm going to talk about my new Dutch Oven!

I have wanted a dutch oven probably for two years now. They are sometimes very expensive so I would never buy it for myself. After seeing the movie Julie and Julia I knew I had to have one! They cooked everything in a dutch oven so I immediately thought I needed it in my kitchen. Well this was finally the year for the dutch oven. Mom got me one from the Lodge Cast Iron Factory when she went to the Cornbread Festival (which is on my festival list this year) in South Pittsburgh, TN. Thanks Mom!
Mark got me a Dutch Oven cookbook too. I haven't had a chance to look completely through it but I did make a great Chicken Tortilla Soup in it one night last week. It was mighty tasty.  Now, was it better than in my Emeril cookware??  Err, probably not. But it sure does look nice sitting on my stove! :)

Photo 15: Someone I love

Whew, half way's only taken me 6 months to post 30 pictures.

So someone or sometwo's I love?
The two boys that stole my heart, Drew and Alex. What fun it is to be an aunt!  These boys are so fun! Drew is a hoot, talking nonstop and growing up fast. Alex is finally starting to grow up and be sweet, which makes me love him more. :) I think he's been in the terrible twos every since the day he was born, well maybe not the day he was born, let's say since he was 6 months old. They have got to be the cutest things EV.ER!

I love you boys - Aunt Kate

Photo 14: Favorite Color

I remember when I was younger I LOVED the color purple. I remember (just from pictures) getting a purple car for my birthday and I had on a purple outfit with a purple birthday cake. My Aunt Nelma used to keep me and she too loved purple, it was something fun we had in common.

Growing up I don't really remember liking purple as much. I really started liking turquoise and the Tiffany blue. For example, those were my wedding colors.

Now, I feel like I'm back to purple. I guess you always come back to your roots. I was so excited about my purple iPhone case, I wear a lot of purple, my kindle case is purple, I wear purple eye makeup (I hear it's good for my hazel eyes), I have lots of purple jewelry, I just love it. My eyes are always drawn to it and I'm not talking about a light lilac purple, I'm talking about a good deep purple.

What's your favorite color?