Monday, February 16, 2009

On the bench

Saturday after the shower we picked up the boys and hurried to the UT/Vandy men's basketball game. Mom and Dad have some season tickets so we used them and then bought the others. So when it was our turn to sit in the season ticket seats - we were practically sitting on the bench. It was awesome! We really had a great time. Then we had a romantic Valentine's Dinner with the fam at TGI Friday's and Krispy Kreme.

And this is the view in the non-season ticket
seats. I'm an idiot and deleted the other pictures on
my camera before uploading them. But I
promise we were very close to the court.

And let the festivities begin.....

We are now in full force wedding mode. This weekend I had my first shower with my Rockwood family and friends. It was fantastic! I had such a great time, received LOTS of nice things and I really enjoyed seeing everyone that I do not get to see very often. Thank you Casey and Lori for hosting and mom for pitching in some as well. It was really a great shower. Thank you EVERYONE for all the goodies. I will just mention a few things that I got -- Kitchen-aid Mixer(Woohoo - I have been waiting on this), lots of bakewarer, flatware, dishes, utensils, and much more. I also received some great personalized gifts - really cute note cards and kitchen towels with my new monogram. For our newly decorated living room we received a brown throw with our names and wedding date - to be used during those snuggle movie nights. And I also got a beautiful plaque with our last name (I'll be sure to post a picture after I have Mark hang it). Thank you again!

The guests

Me and Jess - I'm so short
I'm snuggling under her chin :)

My beautiful mixer and towels!

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl meet
for the first time and notice mine and
Casey's mouths are wide open!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who said Valentine's Day had to be on 2-14?

We celebrated yesterday, 2-12. This weekend we are going out of town and are going to be busy so we decided to celebrate the day of love yesterday. We hadn't planned on really doing anything, we were just being silly when we said we were celebrating yesterday. So I got to work and sent Mark a Happy Valentine's Day message and then about 30 minutes later a bouquet of tulips were delivered. Then in the afternoon (the time I am most dying for chocolate) he delivers chocolate covered strawberries. Two of my favorite things in one day - Whew! He is spoiling me! Then I came home and cooked dinner - really - nothing special but we did enjoy our time together.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stalker Fan

A few weeks ago I was having lunch at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel and I saw a guest come in and sit down. I had a full view of the restaurant so I quickly noticed that as they sat down it was Gerry House from the Big 98 WSIX. I listen to the House Foundation EVERY morning on my hour long drive to work. They are HILARIOUS! Several of my friends and others at work listen to this too. There are many lunch discussions around what Gerry and Mike talked about that morning. I was having lunch with four others and only one other person sort of knew who he was. I was SO excited, I wanted to get my picture made or an autograph or something. But.........this stalker fan let him be. Yes, I regret it today because I will probably never see him again. Honestly, to me he is like Kenny Chesney or George Clooney. :) I just love him and he is a celebrity! I will continue to listen to his show and keep my fingers crossed that our paths will cross again someday.


We took a trip to Gatlinburg with a few other couples a couple of weeks ago. We planned to have a long weekend with some much needed R&R, however, all the way to Gatlinburg on Friday Mark and I were both working. Then on Saturday and Sunday we did get to enjoy ourselves. We spent the weekend playing games, chatting, eating and walking the streets of G'burg.

We really liked the fish theme throughout the cabin. :)

We couldn't go without Mario Cart.

Mark in snowboarding school.

The (fake) snow bunnies.

The fans!

The whole gang at the Peddler - yumm!

February already?!?!?!

My goodness, where is the year going? I just blinked and January is how GONE! I have been so busy planning our largest meeting of the year - our National Sales Meeting. The meeting was held here in Nashville last week and it was a huge success. It is definitely worth all the blood, sweat and tears when you can see the meeting as a speck in your eye and then it turns out so well and you receive comments such as "this is the best meeting we have EVER had." I love planning and coordinating the sales meeting. There are so many aspects of the meeting, awards banquet and dinner, MarketPlace event, entertainment, etc. It takes a lot of time, extra hours, fewer hours of sleep than I would perfer, sore feet and muscles, etc. But again, it's ALL worth it. The best part is seeing our sales force all together. It's the one time a year where they all come together and sometimes the only time I get to see most of them. Again, we had a great time and it was a huge success. Now on to the next meeting!

Well, the wedding is less than 3 months away - it is definitely coming FAST! With the nice weather we have had lately, I can definitely feel that Spring is just around the corner. I FINALLY have my wedding dress and I still just LOVE it! We have picked up our invitations so now the fun starts with addressing them! We have picked out the tuxedos, the boys are going to look mighty sharp! We registered and had a great time! Mark is such a trooper, I tell you, we have the best time no matter what we are doing. We are definitely happier with our selections at Bed Bath and Beyond rather than Target and Belk. At Target we sort of felt like we were scanning things just to scan and I have had heard awful stories about their return policy. Belk just didn't have as much to choose from as we had hoped. But now BB&B - we were very satisfied. I could spend HOURS in that store, I love all the gadgets. Showers are starting this weekend - YEA! I have been so wrapped up in work that I really haven't had a chance to focus on the wedding and such but I am sure this weekend, it will become very real. Mark and I are so excited and anxious - not sure if we're more excited about the wedding or honeymoon. Mark makes fun of me because I never slow down - my wheels are always turning. During our honeymoon, I don't plan to think about a thing and just enjoy our time together and relax.