Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my parents and Drew. Friday we celebrated my mom's birthday with Mamaw, Papaw, Mike, Lori, David, Amanda, Daniel and Drew. And may I add, that mom planned her own party and bought her own birthday cake. How silly she is. Bradley and Casey missed the party as they were high rollin in Vegas. :) So while they were gone we had the pleasure of keeping Drew all weekend. That little stinker, I tell you what, we had the best time with him! He just makes me smile and laugh, he absolutely melts my heart. I just want to eat him up! Besides Drew keeping mom and dad up all night on Friday, while I snoozed without hearing a peep, he was a very good boy, mom (I know you're wondering, Casey). He still isn't crawling and boy does he get mad when he can't get to where he wants to go. But we still have over 3 months to get him up on two feet. :) I also spent Saturday night with some friends eating pizza and playing games. I suck at Gestures but we still had a fun time. It was really a great weekend. Glad I was able to share your birthday with you, mom, I hope you have many many more. Love you!

Brother and Sister Celebrating their birthdays.

Happy Birthday Granna!

Here are some pictures of my bug!

I just love this picture, look how innocent.

Playing with Granna's wrapping paper when I
should be in bed!

I'm such a big boy in my rocking chair.

Showing off at the party.

Monday, January 5, 2009

We had a very Merry Christmas!

It was a very busy holiday season filled with Christmas parties, baking cookies, eating cookies and other treats, visiting family and friends, laughing shopping, resting, traveling and much more.

The day before Christmas Eve Mark and I traveled to my parents to spend Christmas Eve with them. We had some last minute shopping to do on Christmas Eve then we spent the day with mom, dad, Bradley, Casey and Drew. We had such a fun visit, I can only imagine how much fun Drew will be next year. Of course, everyone did way too much, we are so thankful to be so blessed. We then made the drive back to Nashville to spend Christmas Day with Mark's family. Santa came so the kids were super excited to see what he brought. Rachel was such a delight. I would have loved her gifts when I was her age, she got a kitchen with groceries and pots and pans, lots of Barbies and clothes, a new baby and a Barbie Jeep. We changed those Barbie's clothes a dozen times, we cooked in her kitchen and she drove circles in her jeep. When she was driving her jeep, she had THE biggest grin on her face and she was just laughing, it was so cute! The boys enjoyed new XBOX 360's, so they were just as happy!

I'm so thankful we get to share the holidays and these special moments with our families.

And we of course made some are just a few.

Drew playing with his new basketball game.
The cooks - aprons handmade by Casey!
Thank you! I just love it and it's the first thing
with my new monogram!
Me and Casey in our new hats and yes, I wore
my apron practically all night.

Dad and his new right hand man!

The boys and their toys - what fun gifts!
Look at those grins!

Cookie decorating - they may not have been
pretty but they sure were yummy!

Me and my candycane, Drew bug.

Me and Rachel taking care of the baby.

Grinning from ear to ear in her new Barbie Jeep

And now she is cooking in her new kitchen.