Friday, July 29, 2011

Go Nashville Sounds!

First of all, I apologize for the stupid spacing issues on my blog. I'm not sure what the heck is going on.

Second, we caught a Nashville Sounds baseball game with some friends before it got so dad blame hot here!

We had a great time eating ballpark food, chatting, cheering and having fun with the mascot.

Wine, Friends and Babies

Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend (before I wasn't able to walk after that stinkin' race) we met some friends at Arrington Vineyards for some wine, food and good conversation. The guys even fit in some football. We did the tasting, brought some picnic type foods and just had a great time being together.

I even ran into some other friends, Ian and Amanda, as they were having one last date night before baby Paisley arrived.

And now Paisley is here, beautiful as ever.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Nashville Urban Challenge

Memorial Day weekend was definitely one for the books.

Saturday, I participated in the Nashville Urban Adventure Challenge with my friend, Stacy. I had done something similar to this last fall and I'm hooked on The Amazing Race so I jumped at the opportunity to tackle it again. This was a scavenger hunt type challenge through downtown Nashville. The website said for all fitness levels, you could use a bike and be on a team of up to 4 people. Well....those guidelines quickly changed. We could NOT use a bike and let's just say it was NOT for all fitness levels. There were only 2 of us on the team, as not to have other members slow us down. We get to River Front Park Saturday morning ready to W-I-N! Oh and I need to say our husbands wanted nothing to do with this. The first thing we had to do was a warm-up with a Marines Boot Camp instructor. This should have been the first sign for us to throw in the towel. But no, we were ready for the challenge. So we opened our packet of instructions and clues and hit the ground running, literally. With just a glimpse of seeing the clues we found our we were going to be running ALL over this city. There was a "smart" route to solve these clue but you didn't have to do them in any certain order. At each location there was a challenge and then we had to have our picture made to prove we hit every spot.

I've included the riddles and our pictures below. We crossed the finish line in exactly 4 hours, let's just say we had NO idea it would take that long. With every where we had to go I'm pretty sure we ran a 1/2 marathon. Running a 1/2 marathon is on my bucket list but gee whiz, I would have liked to train for it. I just was not sure at all if I was going to make it to the end but Stacy kept me going. Even though I did finish, my body has definitely paid for it. I could NOT get out of bed or walk the next day. Every single muscle in my body was sore. I've also lost 3 toe nails because of this adventure. I used to think I had pretty feet but this summer....not so much! :)

First up, the naked people. See how fresh we look!

Then it was on to Belmont where we had to answer trivia questions about Nashville.

We finally get to the Parthenon after wasting time trying to figure out another clue. This was THE worst stop. We had to do a mini-boot camp with tire stepping, army crawls, crab crawls, jumping jacks, etc. Whew, we finally made it - look at those muscles.

Then we happened to come across FIT Nashville, another location. This one was as bad but we did have to do some weights then we did some stretches.

Now what to do....go to Bicentennial Mall or Country Music Hall of Fame?? We head for the capitol. We are the Volunteer State!

Last stop, CMHOF, man I thought we would never get there. Stacy had to stack plates and cups and I had to balance rice cakes on my head. Done, on to the finish line!

Two Sweet Boys

I just wanted to give an update on the cutest boys in the world, Drew and Alex.

Alex turned one in May and let's just say he's been through a lot in his first year on this earth. He's now walking and on.the.go.

Drew turned 3 in April and is a mess, going 100 mph every second of the day! We both are enjoying our conversations via FaceTime. Sometimes I can't even see him but he is so excited to have me just sitting on the coffee table just to be in the room with him. :) (thank you Apple) He shows me his toys and tells me about his days. It definitely puts a huge smile on Aunt Kate's face.

Here are the two sweet brothers during the professional photo shhot. Too stinkin' cute!