Saturday, February 19, 2011

2 for 2

Two weeks ago Mark and I and 3 other couples (our date night crew) traveled to Maggie Valley to ski and snowboard. Lance and Lisa go often, while the rest of us are amateurs. Mark was so excited, all he wanted to do was learn to snowboard. So he talked me into it too. I had only been skiing one other time approximately 7 years ago and I broke my leg. Great track record so far, huh? We rented a cabin that was amazing and just enjoyed a nice weekend with

The first night we just took advantage of the great kitchen by cooking dinner and just getting settled into our humble abode. Friday was the day of adventure, we headed to the mountain with all our gear. I was very nervous, needless to say because of my track record. We hit the bunny slope with a lesson from our snowboard friends. We went a couple times and hit the green slopes. I'm not even sure there was a green slope but this was the bunny above the real practice bunny. We went several times and I actually felt like I was getting it! Mark was too, all he wanted to do was to learn and somewhat succeed (heck, didn't we all). But I just didn't want him to get frustrated and then give up. I was still having somewhat of a hard time slowing down and stopping, pretty critical, huh? We took a break in the lodge and still had an hour of snow time. We head back out and hit the in-between-bunny slope again. Then for our final run someone suggested we go up to the blue slope. It was still easy but would just give us longer time to board before hopping back on the chair lift. we go! I get off the chair lift and thought "Oh my, I have to go down THAT!!??!"
So, here we go....I'm just cruising down, going super fast and have to turn a curve.... ok, done! Whew, made that one! Then I got even faster and needed to slow down so I turn my board and as I did, just lost my balance and fell backwards. OUCH! I hit the snow/ice so hard it knocked the breath out of me. I laid there for several minutes trying to get the courage to go on down. I still had a long way to the bottom! I finally got up and tried again and boom, fell again. It hurt so bad, I thought there is no way I can continue to go down and fall on butt the whole way down. So I disconnected from my board and walked down. I was in so much pain I was cried all the way down the hill.

Ugh - so I finally get to the bottom (thanks for waiting on me Mark)! I could barely stand the ride back to the cabin. I couldn't sit the rest of night, had to play games standing and had the worst time sleeping. I wasn't sure if I had just bruised my tailbone or actually broke it. I figured the doctor couldn't do anything either way so I just rode it out. Saturday I woke up in so much pain I just couldn't go to the slopes. Everyone went without me and I had a nice relaxing day reading at the cabin.

The ride back home on Sunday was MISERABLE! There is now way to get comfortable while sitting or lying down. I just have to switch between hips, which is why I'll probably have bed sores. :) We stopped at Brad and Casey's on the way back through for lunch. I tried sitting on a donut and the boppy and they just plain don't work. I'm not sure how it's even supposed to work, my butt just fell through and put pressure EVERYWHERE! So back to the hips.

I spent the week sitting some with my pillow and standing. By Thursday I had had enough. I went to the Orthopaedic and sure enough it's broken! Great, how long do I have to suffer? Doc says I have 6 weeks to 3 months to actually feel almost 100%. UGH!!! I was sick of being in pain and uncomfortable. I would not wish this on anyway - it was awful! Oh and for pain, he said just take Aleve regularly; 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening for 2 weeks. Really? Does he not not how painful this is!?!?!

Today is Saturday, February 19th and I can say I do feel somewhat better. I can actually sleep more comfortably but still have pain. I'm traveling tomorrow so the thing I dread the most is the stupid plane ride. At least it's a relatively short ride. We'll see how it goes.

So my track record for winter sports is now 2 for 2! Trying to decide if I'll try it again! All Mark talks about is going to Vail. It may be a trip for me to just sit in the lodge and read.

Game Time

Happy Couples
Day 1 (Obviously b/c I'm there)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Stuck Like Glue

I've come to realize I have been stuck on a few things lately and thought I would jot them down.

1. Lipton Raspberry Tea - Ohhh, I just love this stuff. I used to make my own now Lipton is my life saver.

2. Friday Night Lights - My friend, Katie, told me I should watch it and well here we are, HOOKED. This is just like we were with 24, hopefully the entire cast won't be killed off after the first season.

3. iPad -- It's my bible at church, it's my Solitaire when I"m bored, it's my Netflix que, it's my recipe book, it's my everything.

4. Pillow - Since my bum is broken, I can't really sit semi-comfortably anywhere without a small pillow. More to come on this in the next post.

5. Flats -- The sign I'm getting old, my feet hurt in heels. I'm limited to one day a week wearing my favorite pumps. :( I'm glad flats are hip or else I would look like a grandma.