Thursday, March 19, 2009

Work shower

On Thursday my sweet co-workers gave Mark and I a shower at work. It's always fun to get our department together. We had a great lunch catered by Maggiano's (Yumm!). Mom was able to come in for this shower as well. It was nice for her to meet some of them that she will see at the wedding. They were so generous and got us our bedding for the master bedroom, I just love it. We also received an iron (and, yes, I am VERY excited about this gift). We had registered for this and I just had my fingers crossed that we would get it sooner rather than later. I had a very nice iron and I had to replace it twice. I have been using this cheapo iron that I was so ready to get rid of. So again, this was a GREAT gift. I have already used it and it is GREAT! We also received some hand-made pottery, which is just beautiful. It matches our living room perfectly. The cakes were great and of course I enjoyed the tulip bouquet as well. Thank you all so much! It's awesome to work with such a fantastic and fun group of people.

What a cute towel cake!
We have discovered Hermitage Bakery near work, that's where these cute cakes came from. We make a run there at least 2-3 times a week. They have DELICIOUS sweets!

So excited over a throw pillow!

The Right Stuff

Monday night we had a blast from the past with the boys of New Kids On The Block. We went to their concert here in Nashville and it was so AWESOME! They sang mostly old stuff but they did sing some things from their new CD as well. Our seats were on the floor and we probablya about 25 rows back, so we had fabulous seats. We had such a great time, They definitely still got it! :-)

Susanna, me and Ashley

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saturday Showers

There were a few showers on Saturday, rain showers and a bridal shower for Katie. Even though the day was rainy and nasty we still had a great time gathering for Katie and Jon. She got lots of fun things and had a big crowd! We had fun eating some yummy food, chatting and scrap booking (initiated by Katie's mom, the scrap booking queen herself)!

The Katies, The Brides-to-be
The gang
Katie and her bridesmaids, minus a couple
Too bad some of us didn't get the scarf memo

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Return from Paradise

Last week I traveled to Cabo San Lucas as a planner for our company's sales incentive trip. It was great, a lot of work but some fun as well. It was Paradise for sure, the weather was perfect, not too hot with a slight breeze throughout the day. Being there made me that much more excited about our honeymoon. I can't wait to have a week with Mark doing nothing but eating and laying by the pool. :) I did have a few hours to lay by the pool in Cabo so I did manage to get a pretty nice tan.
While I was gone I started reading the books by Emily Griffin. I am hooked! I finished Something Borrowed and couldn't wait to start Something Blue when I returned. I am about half-way through that one now. It's so easy to read when I travel - on the plane, at the pool, or in the hotel room (b/c nothing is ever on TV), so I told myself I would have to make time when I got home to read as well. Since I was enjoying the book so much, I was very excited and I have indeed made time to read. So I better get back at it.....

We did see some whales while we were there.
A colleague was able to snap this cool picture.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turned to big 2-6! It has been a very relaxing snow day. :) Can you believe it, we got 3 1/2 inches on snow - I didn't order it, but it happened. We planned to meet mom and dad in Cookeville for breakfast but even last night were a bit concerned with the weather. Mom called at 8am this morning and said all was clear on her side so she assumed we were still on with the original plans. So I hopped up to check outside just to make sure before I started getting ready and WHAT? - WE GOT DUMPED ON! Everything was covered in white, it was beautiful! So we decided not to make the trip. Mark and I ended up laying around, watching movies and napping, I also made some snow cream (which Mark thinks is so nasty because all I'm eating is pollution). I had ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins (birthday cake is not my favorite dessert so this was perfect) and balloons. Mark got me sunglasses and new canisters for my kitchen. I just can't seem to keep up with my sunglasses for more than one summer. My thought is that if I got a nice pair (meaning I pay more than $8 at Target) then I would take better care of them and keep them longer. Mark could not of course pick these out because I wanted to be sized and make sure I had the right shape for my face, etc. So I have a new pair of shades for Mexico and our honeymoon. Yea! Now about my canisters. From the shower post earlier you can see my kitchen colors are plum and green. So I wanted plum canisters. I found some Fiestaware, I was so excited. I got them on Friday and I have them full and on my counter. I just love them! Thanks honey!

Happy Birthday to all you other Pisces as well!

Sisters having babies and weddings

A few weeks ago I went to a baby shower for Erica/wedding shower for her sister Amie. These girls are sisters and have 2 different life changing events happening at the same time. Needless to say that family has A LOT going on! :) The shower was so much fun. I just don't get to see these girls as often as I would like so it was such a treat to spend time with them and share this special time. They both lots of great things and they both look amazing. Congratulations to you both!

Amie and Erica

And I stole this idea from Tara and the Nesting
Place. I made one for Miss Emma and one for the
newlyweds-to-be. I was very happy with how
they turned out but boy they took more work than
I thought they would.